Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The People's Review: With Liberty and stogies for all!

Greetings all! The Champ is back again for yet another review for B&B! This week's review falls in line with the recent Independence Day holiday; with most patriotic holidays we love to have at least one "patriotic-named" cigar to enjoy in honor of that particular day. For this holiday, I decided to break out a cigar that fellow BOTL Keith Hollar sent to me (thanks again brotha!) and that cigar was the Camacho Liberty 09! The background of this cigar is that it is suppose to debunk the theory that the 05 version was the best of the Liberty series. Here are some of the specs behind this cigar:

Vitola: Camacho-trademark perfecto (11/18)

Filler: Honduran

Binder: Honduran

Wrapper: Habano

Strength: Full

So without further delay, why don't we get right into this, shall we?

Construction and Pre-light

This cigar comes in a very nice looking black coffin and wrapped in white paper making it a nice presentation. Out of the coffin, the cigar is very veiny but the habano wrapper looks very good and slightly oily. Inspecting the cigar and there are no soft spots at all and all that Honduran tobacco is packed very well within the habano wrapper. Snip the cap and the draw is very good with just a small amount of resistance. The cold draw produces a sweet flavor with a little tingle on the tongue...so looking forward to what is in store!


The Liberty starts off with a nice balance of cedar, chocolate, spice and sweet tobacco all rolled into one. With each puff, I'm getting a sort of spicy buttery finish on the pallet. I'm sensing most of the spice and cedar on the retrohale while the other flavors linger on the pallet as well. So far, all the flavors are blending together perfectly creating a great start to this experience. The construction on this cigar is SOLID!! Burn is perfectly even with a solid white ash and the draw is beautiful producing a lot of white smoke! As I get further into this beginning part, I'm starting to get hints of earth tones on the retrohale mixing in with the other flavors. The strength seems to border on the medium-to-full bodied toeing more towards the full side. Coming to the end of the first third and the spice is starting to settle down and transition to the halfway point.

Halfway Point

As I move into the halfway point, the spice has faded significantly and has given way to the same sweet and buttery notes I was experiencing in the beginning. BTW I just say the devil walk by with a church fan complaining about the weather...it is VERY humid out here sheesh! I seem to do my reviews on the most humid of days...but I digress! Not much to speak of in this part flavor-wise: lots of sweet & buttery notes, a touch of cedar & some slightly prominent earth tones. The strength has slightly settled into a fuller medium yet it still has some kick to it; the draw continues to be consistent and on point and the construction is still flawless! Coming up on the end of this portion and I'm getting a hint of cafe con leche on the pallet and the spice is starting to pick up a little bit more.

Finish Line

Now coming down the final stretch and the flavors seem to be somewhat similar to the beginning with a mix of buttery notes, a little more earthiness, a touch of spice, and some coffee notes. The ash is starting to become a bit flaky, which wasn't an issue throughout the cigar, yet the overall construction remains very excellent! Now mostly tasting tobacco and a little ammonia on the pallet and retrohale with a nice nic buzz going so that unfortunate time has come to end this experience!

VERDICT = WIN! I really enjoyed that cigar and it makes me wonder if the 09 Liberty is this good and is suppose to be better than the 05 Liberty than how good is the 05 Liberty?! If anyone has tried either of these, give us some feedback!

As always, thanks for checking out this review and for visiting the B&B Cigar Club site and if you're on Twitter you can follow me here: @DCsPeoplesChamp. Always remember to keep lighting up great cigars and let the smoke take you away! CHEERS!

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